Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Kokun foundation to shut down Lagos Secretariat with 7000 n*ked widows

Known for taking care of widows and the less privilege ones in the society. Kokun Foundation boss, Kokun threatened yesterday that about 7000 widows will today join Lagos protesters to demand the end of SARS. He says the widows have agreed to go n*ked.

He also said three cows will be slaughtered as there would be jollof rice and water for all protesters. His words;

''My Able protester!

Three cows is going down already!

We won’t be tired neither we back down!

Never, tomorrow we are closing down Lagos state secretariat No one is going to enter, even @jidesanwoolu won’t be able to enter his office!

Am happy to say that our widows have been increased to 7,000 and they have decided to go naked this time around!

@iam_smalldoctor @iam_smalldoctor we are you ready for tomorrow?

This people won’t listen to us....

Water and Food is available for everyone''''