Media boy, N6 calls Beyonce a Culture Vulture, Witch, Fvcking Mannequin for speaking ”late” on EndSARS protest


Fearless and outspoken OAP, Nnamdi Nwabasili popularly known has N6 has taken on Beyonce for allegedly speaking up late about seeking an end to police brutality in Nigeria.

The OAP called the famous singer unprintable names after she spoke out yesterday after the Lekki shootings. Beyonce had said the shootings had left her heartbroken and she will be helping victims.

However N6 thinks she is a vulture for only speaking when blood was shed. 

N6 who was physically part of the EndSARS protests took to his Instagram page, posted Beyonce’s words and then TORE HER APART! Check out his posts below…


  1. This isn't fearlessness but sheer stupidity! Beyonce is a Nigerian. She's a human being with a choice to lend support or not. She doesn't owe you that simply because she's a celebrity. I'm sure there are other celebrities who have not said a word about it yet. Even America has said whatever is going on in Nigeria is NOT A PRIORITY TO THEM.

  2. How is beyonce our problem. Shame on you that you N6 have not worked so hard to be heard in your own country. Why cant you work hard to be heard instead of blaming an American


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