Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Oritsefemi's wife, Nabila returns to social media, ignores husband.. praises Caroline Hutchings instead

Ouch! Oritsefemi's wife, Nabila has returned to social media and has remained silent about her marriage crisis. 

Recall her husband has started appealing to her on social media to come back to him? 

Well, Nabila ignored him and instead shared a photo of the woman -- Caroline Hutchings that her husband had called evil and said was the one causing problems between them.

Nabila shared the above photo of Caroline, praised her and thank her for always holding her hands and making her smile. What she wrote an hour ago on instagram about their friendship below...

''In the journey of life, there are people we must not take for granted!

We have cried, fought, laughed, gone crazy together. Yet we are always there for each other.

Thank you for holding my hands, praying with me, being my sister and making me smile always.

We have a story, and it’s a beautiful story.

Thank you is not enough 💕💕💕

Everyone please say a prayer for my sister and tell her thank you for me.

#Sisterhood #Family #Love''