Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Singapore offers 'pandemic bonus' to boost births

Singapore is offering a one-off payment to encourage people to have babies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The worry is that citizens are putting off parenthood as they struggle with financial stress and job layoffs.

Details of the amount that could be paid have yet to be released. It is in addition to several hefty baby bonuses offered by the government.

Singapore has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, which it has struggled to boost for decades.

It is in stark contrast to some of its neighbours such as Indonesia and the Philippines, which are facing the prospect of a massive spike in pregnancies from their coronavirus lockdowns.

Singapore's current baby bonus system provides eligible parents up to S$10,000 in benefits.

Singapore's fertility rate touched an eight-year low in 2018, according to government data, at a rate of 1.14 births per woman.

Many Asian countries face a similar issue of falling fertility rates, which could worsen during the pandemic downturn.


  1. Replies
    1. How? People give birth here without money motivating them. Despite their sufferings o. Imagine if the government offers them N4.6m, what singapore is offering. Even the streets of Nigeria will be filled with babies

    2. At least parents will be able to take care of them with the money

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