Monday, October 12, 2020

Stay away from my family & marriage, Chacha Eke tells brother

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has sent a stern warning to her elder Aik Eke who came out to inform the public about her health status.

The Faani family has been in the news for some days after Chacha Faani took to her Instagram page to announce the breakdown of her marriage. She was later rushed to the hospital after she suffered a relapse.

In a recent video shared by the actress, she explained herself to her fans and some hidden secrets of her marriage, childhood, and her relationship with her siblings to the public. Chacha Faani disclosed that she always has crises anytime she gets pregnant.

Clearing the air about her marriage, she stated that she isn’t leaving her marriage. She also said her “so-called” brother Aik should stay away from her family and marriage and face his own life. She also stated that it’s been ages since she saw her brother and that she has been having issues with her family even before she got married.


  1. Attention seeker. We don't have your time now, we are dealing with SARS

  2. Your family your business

  3. Something is not just right about the video

  4. Whatever rocks her boat

  5. One of the reasons I will never meddle in husband and wife matter