After news of her ”abortion”, Nigerians report Rosie of Ultimate Love’s social media accounts


Lmao, Nigerians oooo… Sigh! Recall Kachi of Ultimate Love had revealed his girlfriend Rosie allegedly aborted their 12 weeks old pregnancy and that to him was the height and made him walk out of their relationship.

Kachi who sat with Chude for an interview, broke down in tears and gave every detail of the termination. He also gave few more reasons he knew they can;t be together.

Nigerians who have now taking sides without hearing Rosie’s side of the matter, have gone a step ahead by reporting Rosie’s twitter and instagram accounts.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, she took to IG and twitter to beg Nigerians to stop reporting her accounts as there are ” 3 sides to a story” she said.

Before then, she had responded to Kachi’s interview writing BOLDLY ”No STRESS Zone”.

May be it’s even that that made Nigerians attack her, lol



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