Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Alaafin of Oyo’s estranged queen, Ola talks about her many battles on her birthday

Queen Ola, the estranged wife of the Alaafin of Oyo is a year older today.

To celebrate herself, she wrote how 2020 hasn't been nice to her.

She spoke about how she witnessed betrayer, depression, and how she was lied upon.

It's quite emotional. She ended it by asking her followers to please say a prayer for her.

What she wrote;

''It’s my Birthday…Let me Blow your mind,This Year, I have seen alot, I Fought so many hidden battles, Betrayed..Depressed..Lied on, Battled Emotional Trauma, Read so many things about myself on the blog that I don’t even know about me.. hmmm.

Little Did I know it was a step to something more better than what I have left.. If I tell you my story, you will probably shed tears with me.. Not all that Glitters is Gold. But, Alihamdulilahi I’m HEALED.. Please Say a Prayer For me.''


  1. Dem no go hear word, you see your life? "not all that glitters is gold". Wish you luck in your endeavors.

    1. You dey mind am. Must everything be said on social media mschew

  2. So, is it true she is no longer with the Alaafin?

  3. It is well with her

  4. At least she made money from him