Angry lady packs her food in a nylon after she was told to pay for a takeaway pack


A girl has filmed herself packing her food into a nylon after she was told she would need to pay for a takeaway pack if she needs to go with the rest of her food.

The lady who was eating her meal, couldn’t finish it, and felt she needs to take the rst him. Unknown to her, she would have to pay for a takeaway. When she asked for one, and a bill was given to her, she got upset and packed her food in a nylon, noting it was an expensive restaurant anyway and wonders why she should still pay for a takeaway pack considering the food is expensive.
“I was pissed down to my bones yesterday.. fr! I never knew that people pay for takeaways at restaurants…. You can’t increase the price of food and tell me to pay for takeaway!! Smh! Reason I’d rather eat at a mamaput #food #” she wrote while sharing a video of the incident.
Watch the video below….



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