Monday, November 30, 2020

Child rapist collapses in pain as he's publicly whipped 146 times as punishment

Dramatic pictures show a child rapist collapsing in pain after being whipped 146 times in public.

The 19-year-old abuser begged for mercy as he received the brutal punishment in Idi Rayeuk, East Aceh, Indonesia.

After collapsing, the man was briefly treated by a medic before the flogging was restarted by a member of the Sharia police.

The teenager was arrested earlier this year on charges of molesting and raping a child, according to reports.

Public flogging is a common punishment for heinous criminals who violate Islamic law in the ultra-conservative province of Aceh.


  1. It is better also to be given another purnishment that is to be sodomized publically by the two men chosen for responsibilities of excutting the purnishment