Monday, November 23, 2020

Fathia Williams puts beef aside, sends condolence message to Iyabo Ojo on death of her mom

Fathia Williams is the real deal, ba? 

Recall Fathia Williams and Iyabo Ojo are not on talking terms as the younger -- Iyabo Ojo had literally dragged her on social media -- Instagram precisely.

Iyabo Ojo dragged her so much that she left hints that she was referring to Fathia Balogun, a memo all her followers and fellow actresses got. Some actresses even stylishly took sides calling Fathia and ''agbaya and traitor'', e wo oppor.

Anyway, Fathia has put the whole insult aside and has now sent out a condolence message to iyabo who lost her mother over the weekend.

Worthy of note: Iyabo Ojo and her mother were very close. She practically helped her in raising her children since she got separated from the father of her kids.  Sources also said, her mom lived most of her life with the actress. So you can imagine the loss!

 Fathia's post below...