Heartbroken Nigerian man remembers his daughter 4 years after her abduction


A heartbroken Nigerian man, Umar Suleiman from Nasarawa State has taken to Facebook to remember his daughter 4 years after she was abducted.

He penned a heart wrenching post about her saying life has not been the same since they stole her from him 4 years ago.
November 19, 2020 made it exactly four years the unfortunate incident happened, hence the write up.
His very touching post below…
“Today, 19th Nov. four years has passed, since a beautiful jewel was taken away (abducted) from me. Since ur abduction four years ago, life has never been the same.

“My world has been on a standstill. Every day I wear a cheerful face, but right inside me is pain, anguish, and midnight sea of tears. The pain of an abducted child is far greater than a dead one,”

“Khadija, the day of ur abduction ur mummy went in shock and the following day ur brother was delivered through cesarean section. For four years, I have never celebrated his birthday, because the pain of 19th Nov. is greater than the joy of the 20th.

“As I remember u today, my lovely daughter, I pray to Allah to guide and protect you where ever you are.”



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