Sunday, November 22, 2020

It's unfair you didn't let your wife decide if she would walk away or not -- N6 BLASTS 9ICE

Lmao.... N6 says Naija girls keep ignoring track records? N666666666666666 Wawu! 

Anyway, OAP N6 thinks the video 9ice recorded asking fans to help him plead with his wife after his cheating video went viral, is not fair, because he didn't give his wife room to think at all. 

N6 thinks he should have given her space to decide on what she wants to do i.e is she would be leaving him and carry it out quietly. He berated the singer for coming up with the idea of a video which in-turn went more viral than the cheating video and actually 'blew' the whole matter. 

His words after the cut...


  1. This one is always putting his mouth in what does not concerns him

  2. It is a personal decision to deal with cheating partner or not