Iyabo Ojo reveals why she underwent tummy tuck surgery


Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has confirmed she went under the knife for Tummy Tuck surgery.

Iyabo Ojo, in a recent interview, noted that she did the surgery to improve her self-confidence.

She said, “I have always been this way. However, I underwent surgery. I took off some fat in my tummy. When one has children, one has some extra skin and I hated it. But, I did it for my self-confidence. 

Whenever I am walking around, naked, in my house, I want to feel sexy. Even if I did not do surgery, I have always had a great shape. I watch what I eat, drink a lot of water, and do adequate exercise. When one is in the limelight, one needs to take good care of oneself because a lot of people look up to one.”

Iyabo Ojo also reacted to the opinion that some of her children’s friends could ‘have the hots for her’ due to some of the pictures she shared on social media.

She said, “I am too strict for that. Even if they have such intentions, it would die in their minds. I play with my children but I could also be very strict and they would have probably passed the information to their friends. If they are in the house making a noise and I step inside, they would all go quiet. I am an African mother. While they were growing up, I used to spank them but I don’t do that anymore.”



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