Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Landlord refuses to rent an apartment to man because he has three single daughters

A man identified as Abdulia Afolabi on twitter has shared his experience with a landlord for being a male.

According to Abdulia he had already secured an apartment and the landlord had agreed to let him have it. But shockingly he got a call from the house agent at night saying the landlord has said he won't be giving him the apartment anymore because he has three single daughters.

Abdulia says it's painful because he knows what it took him to save the rent money and now almost half is gone on problems. 

His lamentation below, lol sorry.


  1. That means his daughter were not properly brought up...he gave birth to bitches

    1. Nope, the basted. Land lord does not want his daughters to marry he proly, is sleeping with them