Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Lesbian lover, BBN's Diane says she would love to see lesbianism legalized in Nigeria

Nigeria is beginning to see so many lesbian lovers coming out of their shells and among them is Big brother Naija 2019 Pepper Dem housemate, Diane Russet who has come out to say, she would love to see it legalised in Nigeria.

She made this known while interacting with her fans on Instagram.

One user told her she likes girls and would wish to date one and wishes lesbianism is legal in Nigeria. Diane then replied saying she doubts that Nigeria would allow that due to religion, but she would also love to see it legalized someday.

“This conversation hmm I doubt Nigeria will because we are too religious. Won’t type much before someone misquote me. I will love to see it legalized though” Diane replied.