Thursday, November 26, 2020

''Manipulative as ever'' - Erica‘s manager slams Laycon

Erica's manager has slammed Laycon saying he is as manipulative as ever. 

DonMikeOne, slammed the BBN winner after his interview with the Pulse, where he hailed Erica.

Laycon in the interview had sent a sweet message to Erica saying; “You are wonderful, you are amazing, you would grow”.

Erica’s manager reacting to the interview, called Laycon a manipulative person and told people not to fall for his “PR stunt”.

“They are in the same group chat. He has never said a word to her and he has her number. And now he’s coming live on tv to say all that. Do not fall for his PR stunt. Manipulative as ever people.” he wrote on Twitter.


  1. This one is just a bloody hater

  2. So because he has never said a word to her on the group chat means he doesn't mean well for her.....Bro i feel your response has no logic.

  3. Hmmm, bet why are some people like this

  4. Olusola. Icon Sierra Leone26 November, 2020 11:25

    Those interviewing Laycon should stop discussing Erica with him. Laycon has a lot of good things to do aside Erica.

  5. Is this necessary