Monday, November 30, 2020

Nigerian lady cries out over ''what I ordered vs what was delivered'' as her 60k swims away [videos]

Lmao... O wrong nau. So a Nigerian lady who asked a designer to make her this - [left above] was shocked about what was delivered [right above].

The designer had charged her  N70k, before they agreed to N60k and the money was transferred. 

But when aunty got her dress, she couldn't keep the shock to herself, she had to send to twitter for us to see.

Ki lo ma wa se le ba yi? Continue below...


  1. The tailor no try oo
    You are still calling her designer

  2. A swear, some tailor will not make heaven

  3. That is one of the reasons it is advisable for tailors to be helping someone with materials... Some don't know better materials... Sorry woman

  4. There should be a refund asap