Monday, November 30, 2020

''Part of me''! Kolawole Ajeyemi shares a video of him kissing his wife, Toyin Abraham

Part of me were the words used when actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi shared a video of him kissing his wife, 
actress Toyin Abraham.

The scene seems to be during a photo shoot. Mr Ajeyemi is the father of Toyin Abraham's only child -- Ire.

Watch the video below... I no say you go watch, lol.


  1. They should take their love off social media before they it sand for their garri

  2. I must confess that Toyin sabi tush her man to her taste... Wishing her well

  3. Mummy Ire and daddy Ire

  4. See life
    This can is now producing his OWN movie.... God bless Toyin. Wishing your love the best