Monday, November 23, 2020

Speed Darlington attacks Paul Okoye over multi-coloured jacket, mocks his ''slow'' career

Oh my God! Controversial entertainer, Speed Darlington's latest victim is PAUL OKOYE.

Okoye who recently turned a year older is now the latest prey of Speed Darlington.

Paul had shared a photo of him in a studio peacefully wearing a multi-coloured jacket, but on spotting the jacket which looks like one that Speed Darlington owns, he immediately took on Paul.

He made a collage with a photo of him wearing same jacket and claimed Paul copied from him saying does Paul think he won't mind because they speak the same language?. Then went on to say Paul wants to use him to boost his ''slow career''.

SD has no limit!! What he wrote sharing the collage right after the cut... Sigh!

“Copy copy Be original oh wait you think because we speak the same language I won’t mind? Or maybe everything is a plan, you probably know I talk a lot so copying me may trigger me to say something which boosts your slow career; who knows”