Monday, November 30, 2020

Man who asked Eniola Badmus why are breast is down is slammed by the actress

A man who asked Eniola Badmus why are breast is down has been slammed by the actress herself.

Though others followed in slamming him, Eniola who is working hard on her weight, couldn't let that slide. She took out time to personally reply him.

Eniola had shared a photo of herself showing off her new body in a bikini, while many hailed her hard work, others felt she was not yet there for a bikini photo.

One of the trolls wrote;  “Why everything come fall for up?” 

The actress replied slamming: “Just the way your mama own fall.”.


  1. Can we stop bodyshaming?

  2. I love her reply

    We should not allow anyone to bring us down with their joblessness

  3. ������
    Why monitoring her breast?

  4. What is the business with her breast? Firm...fallen...sagged or whatever. Someone is in love with her that way