Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Trump acknowledges a parade carried out for him in Nigeria

Sigh! American President Donald Trump has acknowledged a parade in his honour in Nigeria.

Trump made the acknowledgement on Twitter with a caption, “A parade for me in Nigeria, a great honor!”

The video shows a procession by men and women singing different victory songs amid intense drumming, all in support of the Republic candidate in today’s US election.

The video also shows the supporters waving American flags and placards with different inscriptions including, ‘Trump 2020’.

Double sigh!!



  1. for him! he called african nations "shithole countries"
    Nigeria is an african nation
    nigeria is my parents birthplace,why should they make a parade for someone who called them residents of the shithole

  2. Stupid Nigerians without something to keep them busy, during the Endsars protest not one word came from this man,this man has never liked AFRican countries or black people...and here are these foolish people who are wallowing in poverty leaving their source of livehood to do nonsemse...common sense no common