Wednesday, November 18, 2020

US based Nigerian lady CALLS out her husband for using her money to marry a new wife in Nigeria

A  US based Nigerian lady,  Mayowa Sholanke took to social media to share shocking details of how her husband of 10 years, Abraham Ojeabulu left her in US to marry a new wife in Nigeria.

According to her, she married him when he had nothing and transferred all her money to his name. Only for her to found out that he secretly tied the knot with another woman on the 14th November, 2020.

Read her shocking story below;


  1. Sue him for bigamy and collect all your money

  2. Hmm, after 10 years?

    Who are we to trust sef

  3. Madam move on, this life is too short

    Anything can happen

  4. Divorce him asap make yourself happy

  5. It is so sad but you have the law on your side. Do the right thing.

  6. The Ella lady is smiling that she has seen a your back
    Karma is a bitch