Wednesday, November 4, 2020

US Election: Dr. Stella Immanuel turns prayer warrior for Trump

Controversial Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) doctor, Stella Immanuel has turned prayer warrior for President Donald Trump to be re-elected.

Immanuel has been dubbed a die-hard fan of Trump, which was why her claims that antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibacterial drug, Zithromax, were effective cures for the coronavirus, were punctured.

She had also said two months ago that it had been prophesied that Trump would win the November 3 US Presidential election.

 “Thinking to myself today. President Trump is going to win. I saw it and it has been prophesied.

“The loony left will need Xanax, Ativan or straight up haldol because they will lose their minds completely. Stock up on food, essentials and armo for storm before the calm,” she had said.

However, on Tuesday, Immanuel released a video where she was praying profusely for the will of God to be done in America.

The will of God, according to her, is for Trump to emerge re-elected as America’s president.

“I decree that America live, America win and may Gods will be done in this nation,” she prayed.


  1. What’s her business with Trump.she no pray for #endsars,she leave the problem of her country that warrants urgent attention attending to something that does not concern her can you carry somebody problem on your head and lift yours like polythene bag.Hypocritic parasites.let the will of God be done,you can not chose for God.

  2. She lives in America and that's enough reason she needs to pray for the candidate of her choice. You live. You too should pray for the country you live inn.