28 year-old man who got married 4 months ago murdered by unknown gunmen in Edo [photos]


A 28 year-old man, Chris Olusegun Ayodele has been gruesomely murdered by unknown Gunmen at his residence in Auchi, Edo state.

Chris Segun as he is fondly called by his Classmates, graduated from Auchi Polytechnic,Edo state in the year 2017 where he studied Civil Engineering and thereafter went for is Compulsory one year NYSC service in Enugu state in the year 2018.

After his graduation and NYSC services, he has been using Motorcycle popular known as Okada to hustle for his daily bread in the student town of Auchi.

He only got married some 4months ago to his wife Mrs Irene Ayodele before he was killed.

Late Ayodele Olusegun is survived by his lovely wife,aged mother, Siblings and Friends

His wife, Mrs Irene Ayodele narrated how her husband was killed to our reporter. Here is an excerpt below…

Can you tell us your name 

Mrs Irene: My name is Irene, wife to Late Mr Chris Ayodele

How long have you been married to Mr.Chris Ayodele?

Mrs Irene: Just 4months (August 2020 to December 2020)

 What does your late husband do for a living 

Mrs.Irene: He was a graduate searching for job but uses Motorcycle also know as Okada to hustle 

 Tell us what happened on the day of the incident 

Mrs Irene: On the 1st of December 2020,at around 8pm,I served my husband his dinner after returning from work,and i went to make use of the toilet. From the Toilet,I had a knock on the door which my husband went to answer the person. While inside the toilet, I heard my husband shouting “Nor be me,nor be me” ,thereafter a very loud gun shot.

I ran out of the toilet to find my husband on the pool of his blood with all his intestine out of his stomach. 

Did you see the faces of your husband killers?

Mrs Irene: No, I only saw my husband on the ground 

 Did he die immediately he was shot?

Mrs Irene: He died on his way to the hospital and he couldn’t even talk.

 Did your late husband had any fight or quarrel with anybody before his death?

Mrs Irene: My late husband was too calm and never had any issue with anybody even while we were dating. 

 Those killers of your husband, did they come to steal or what was their mission?

Mrs Irene: According to the killers, they came for our Neighbour opposite our own apartment who bears the same name(Chris)as my late husband,but when they could not find him cause his door was locked, they now came over to our own apartment and killed my husband just to drop a message for our neighbour to know that they came looking for him.

When last did you see this your neighbour 

Mrs Irene: 2weeks before my husband was murdered. And also a week before my husband was murdered, this our neighbours girlfriend came to the house to pack some of his belongings out of the house.

She did not even tell anybody why she came to pack those things.

Up till today, nobody has seen or hear from him

Am very sure he must have heard of what happened and he is on the run.

Did you report the incident to the nearest police station?

Mrs.Irene: Yes we did,when we went for police report after he had died in the hospital. 

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