Sunday, December 27, 2020

After Bobrisky announced his s.e.x change surgery, Jay Bugatti claims he already as his [photos]

Omo lomo, he jumped on the trend. So Bobrisky this week announced that he will be jetting out to have a s.e.x change next year -- a surgery which would cost him over N100m.

Lol, for the records, people have showed receipts saying the surgery is way lesser, lol.

A struggling crossdresser [struggling to also be famous], Jay Bugatti has now jumped on the 'trend' saying he already got rid of his own BLOKOS. 

Bugatti revealed this with a photo.

The photo however divided his fans, as some believed him, while some feel he actually stressed his blokos backwards tightly. 

I mean if he has done it, wear your panties and open your legs -- gbas gbos!!! LOL.

Sharing the photo, Bugatti wrote; “I have kept my pussy surgery away from you all and also my family as a secret and i promised and said to myself i was gonna serve it to u all as my Xmas gift from me to u all…''


  1. Ladun, u too wear, ur panties and open ur legs too. Leave Jay alone

  2. Many are mad only few are roaming 😃