Thursday, December 24, 2020

Akin Alabi TRENDS as Nigerians MOCK his nearly completed Healthcare Center

Oh dear! Did Akin Alabi make a mistake by sharing photos of the nearly completed health care center he is building?

The first time ever lawmaker, shared the photos yesterday on twitter, but it seems people are just noticing it as he began trending today.

A twitter user compared it with an healthcare center in Canada, with another twitter user sharing two photos and captioning it; The Budget Vs The Project.

It was also compared side by side with Desmond Elliot's toilet project in Surulere. Some even said he built a Nairabet shop only for him to call it an health care system. Bloody tweets! See them all below...


  1. It is better than nothing. Akin Alabi is a man that has been working in Egbeda mind your business

    1. lol @ working in Egbeda. You sound like a sycophant for saying it is better than nothing. You are so used to mediocrity. The money used to build this contraption is what they spend on their girlfriends for a weekend. Stop being myopic. How can someone use contractors from Abuja for such a building in Oyo State? We are not even talking multi-level building o. What happened to promoting the local industry? Smh....The day Nigerians stop using patching of roads and building of boreholes as yardstick for development, we will truly begin our developmental journey. -Newyorker