Monday, December 14, 2020

Aww! Gospel artist CDO to hold Gospel concert at Cubana nightclub

Aww, this one gives me joy, I don't know about you, but yea it gives me joy, lol.

So Gospel artiste John Ikeotuonye with stage name -- CDO says it's time to take the gospel outside the church too. He says, he has learnt a lot from the church, and from what the church has taught him, he will also be dishing out, but at usual places. CDO wants to take gospel to brothels, clubs, market places and other unusual places and just next week, Cubana club on Victoria Island will be banging for Jesus. 

Anyone think this is right? Please drop your comment lets reason together...

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, he said; “What God is about to do with The Expression is that we are taking the gospel to unusual places. We are taking the gospel to brothels, nightclubs and market places. We are a major part of the church but we are taking what we have learnt in the church and the energy we have drawn from it, and going outside. The ministry is called Church Outside and the project is The Expression with CDO. It is not by accident that we are having our December edition in a nightclub. It is God’s plan. It is going to be the same club ambience. The only difference is that we would not partake in the iniquities usually done in nightclubs. We are creating the alternative for young Christians.”

The concert will feature singers such as Mike Abdul, Protek Illasheva, Testimony Jaga and Femiclef.


  1. Hmmm... gospel concert in club?There should be no joy there naw

  2. It's just like when Tope Alabi wants to go to Cubana to sing, shioooor

  3. It is salvation of the souls that matters

  4. Souls can be won for God anywhere. As long as they are not drinking and smoking. It is a good move