Tuesday, December 8, 2020

DJ Cuppy's ex-lover Asa Asika shuns her request for iphone 12

DJ Cuppy's ex-lover, Asa Asika has shunned her request for an iphone 12. 

We didn't know Cuppy had begged her former lover for a phone, but she made the revelation on twitter.

Asa had lamented on twitter how he had bought four iphone 12 since it launched, but shockingly, he personally doesn't have one and said this life isn't balanced. Cuppy quickly reacted asking where hers is, because he is aware she had begged him for one.

''After I BEGGED you for one?!?!?! Your #Karma is coming Asa!!!!! 😤'', the DJ wrote feeling sad her ex-lover shunned her.


  1. I thought she received 3 already? Why begging for it again?

  2. Replies
    1. But the truth is that some people are better off as friends than couple

  3. They should just settle their ish and make it work

  4. She plays too much ��