Saturday, December 5, 2020

Emmanuel Adebayor goes hard on his ex-girlfriend, Dillish

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor has accused his ex-girlfriend Dillish Matthews of cheating and lying.

The Togolese professional footballer has accused the Big Brother Africa Dillish of several vices on his Instagram stories and tagged it “Pay Back Friday”.

 In a total shade, he narrated a story of a girlfriend who lied to his boyfriend that she was traveling to Namibia only for the boyfriend to realize she was in Angola and when she was asked she said “she doesn’t know how she got there”.

Adebayor also said his girlfriend introduced a man to him as her uncle but he discovered months later that he’s not related to. He also disclosed how he sent money to his girlfriend to give her family and found out she didn’t give the money to her family but kept it..


  1. No need to spoil her
    Life goes on

    1. No need to spoil her? For saying his own truth? And you are a man?

    2. I believe it is best to keep quiet over somethings. Spoiling or calling her out won't change a thing