Monday, December 14, 2020

Fans drag Nengi for having dental surgery [Evidence]

BBNaija's ex-housemate, Nengi has been dragged by fans after an old photo of her surfaced suggesting she had a dental surgery.

Many suspected to be Erica's fans trolled her as they called her fake. One even asked what is original about her.

Recall Nengi had once admitted she worked on her butts. Now trolls her insinuating she has worked on more body parts too.

Now look at the photos above and be the judge. Do you know one of the trolls said her old set of teeth is better than the new ones and he can't understand while she had the surgery? Lol. Even if you don't understand, the sparkling white teeth is not worth it? E no fine? Lol. Some of the comments dragging her below...


  1. There is no big deal in working on part of your body you are not comfortable with as long as you have the money

  2. They are the same people that will abuse her if she does not work on that teeth. You can never satisfy them