Monday, December 28, 2020

If FG can lockdown a state because of Covid,-19 why can't FG lock down a state because of Boko Haram - Nigerian man

A Twitter user has raises a point on the app asking why FG can lockdown states and even the whole country because of Covid-19. lordodinga says, if the Federal Government can do that, he wonders why they can't do the same in the case of Boko Haram which has killed more Nigerians than covid-19.

Anyone has answers for him?


  1. Lockdown on bikoharam? What is this one saying Biko?

    1. Try to always read and understand. It is important

  2. I support him. Let there be a lockdown atleast for one weak. let the army go into the forests and fight them to a standstill while everyone sits at home. Shekau himself will know it is no longer a joke