Tuesday, December 8, 2020

''It's just RINGS and 2 Adults'' - stop attaching much importance to marriage, Tacha says

Popular reality star, Tacha Akide wants people to stop attaching too much importance to marriage and warns that the narrative that women needs marriage more isn't true.

She is of the opinion that marriage is good but fast too say it's not a priority or a do or die affair.

Speaking further, she said marriage is not a big deal and it;s just about rings and two adults, and if its not working ''i beg you leave''. she concluded.

Taking to her Instastory, she  wrote;

''Stop pushing the Narrative that women need this “Marriage” thing more. It’s not a BIG deal!! And I hate the fact we’ve been Brainwashed over time.

Marriage isn’t/shouldn’t be a PRIORITY. It is not a DO/DIE AFFAIR! Y’all just stop attaching this much important to the “union”. It is RINGS and 2Adults. IT IS NOT A PRIORITY. The Lame Ass mentality needs to STOP!

Y’all there’s so much more to this LIFE than 2Rings and 2Adults. I Beg you! If it isn’t working “LEAVE!''


  1. She is right though. It is not an achievement or we should see it as a do or die thing

    1. Marriage shouldn’t be priorities in the first place

  2. Every responsible woman needs a man by her side. A woman without a man will be a community pussy for men

  3. Smelling Tacha, keep quiet jor

  4. Keep consoling yourself with the trash words

  5. These people sef
    I've finally found a good thing, that is what you will say when you found your mr right but please stop spoiling others mind, if marriage don't work for you doesn't mean it won't work for others