Thursday, December 24, 2020

Let Governor Seyi Makinde serve Oyo people in peace

''PDP Chieftain blasts Makinde, says he’s an accidental Governor''

Lol, this is the headline making waves at the moment concerning Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde.

Lmao, can you please leave him alone. Even Oyo APC can't call him an accidental Governor. He won. Won at the polls and WON in court! Oyo state people voted for him, case closed!

I mean if you won at the polls and the court affirms you, is that still accidental?

They have started. They have started to attack a working Governor. Any one in office who works is their enemy. We don't care what happens in PDP, we don;t care what happened behind the scene, we only care about what the masses sees -- developments -- because that is all that matters anyway. What the masses ENJOY! 

To start with, it's public a public office, he is their to serve with public funds. So it's all about the masses.

When people do not benefit from a Governor that says no to corruption and is determined to write his name in gold, this is what happens. MAKINDE is WORKING, please let him WORK. Let Oyo state people ENJOY the man they have chose to govern them. Abi ki lo wa de. Is it a curse that any one in public office who works must be attacked? SHIOR!!!


  1. The sad reality of politics in Nigeria

  2. Mr writer pls how is he serving the people of Oyo state, governor that is yet to commission a single project, no employment since he assume office, oh I forget he employ people to Amotekunl, what else nothing,ladoja failed adminstration is even better than Makinde's own, better tell him the truth.