Monday, December 14, 2020

Months after a successful leg surgery in Dubai, Tuface's daughter, Olivia flaunts her straight beautiful legs

Aww this is so worthy of celebration. 

Little Olivia about three months ago was in Dubai with her mom where she underwent a leg surgery to straighten her bowed leg.

Her mom had said she barely slept for a day as doctors worked on her daughter's legs and praised her for being a strong baby soon after the surgery was over.

You know what? The result is now out and well the difference is clear. Just look at those photos!!!


  1. It is better to correct any deformity in our children once there is opportunity to

  2. Nice one!
    My daughter had something similar but hers wasn't that "bowed" (Blount disease), she had braces on for a year and didn't correct it. I'd say I'm glad she did the surgery.