Thursday, December 17, 2020

Nigerian lady born with saggy boobs cries out about being body-shamed which is leading to depression [photos]

A Nigerian lady born with saggy boobs has cried out over her regularly being body-shamed and says ot's leading ti depression.

The 19-year old spoke out on social media saying that is how she was actually born.

The distraught lady stressed that it is disheartening that she is dragged in spite of doing nothing.

@divine_richard_ disclosed that she has been depressed with comments she gets from people about her boobs. She says she will change her body if she had an option. 

She also added that she has now been able to get into relationships because she doesn't know how to present her body.


  1. Dress the way you want to be addressed

  2. This one is looking for atten jor, is she the only one with saggy boobs?

  3. With that nonsense clothes you are wearing...abeg cover up

  4. Your boobs.... your business