Thursday, December 3, 2020

Photos of Abdulrashid Maina being extradited from Niger

This is so shameful. Here are photos of former Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), AbdulRashid Maina, who was this week arrested in Niger Republic being extradited back to Nigeria to face his court cases/

Maina is a facing a 12-count money laundering charge brought against him and a firm by EFCC, amounting to a tune of about N2 billion.

Two more photos...


  1. Am so happy he was arrested....No more bail for him

  2. What advise will a man like this give his children

  3. The Nigerian justice system is not draconian enough hence this nonsense. In fact the system encourages criminality. Can Maina do this in China ? People like this realize that the system is terribly weak so they would rather commit the crimes and face the consequences (if any). The pattern is: commit the crime and then begin to play hide and seek with the justice system. Only when people are made scapegoats will others be deterred.