Wednesday, December 2, 2020

''You look sick and need help'' - Peter Okoye comes back for footballer Osaze Odemwingie

Well Peter Okoye is not someone you will slam and expect him to keep quite, nah, far from it, he will come harder on you.

Apparently, aside calling out Peter Okoye on his insta-story, his name sake Peter Osaze Odemwingie also sent the musician a DM asking him not to depart from ''God''. 

Osaze had said Peter's songs brought him closer to God [Peter don dey sing gospel songs?] and asked him to be careful and never depart from it.

Angry the ex-footballer had slammed his business, Peter Okoye responded to his DM, then openly shared the conversation. Lol, see it below...


  1. Replying him is not necessary

  2. Peter is forming that he helps people via his zoom whereas he is enriching himself through gullible Nigerians and Osaze simply called him out....shikena

  3. He said in his call out that Peter's song brings him closer to God, is Peterpsquare now Frank Edwards?

    Odemwingie guy is obviously sick

  4. He sounds unstable and incoherent

  5. He’s definitely not okay