Tuesday, January 19, 2021

'Abdulrasheed Maina sick, suffers partial stroke in prison'

Abdulrasheed Maina, former chairman of Pension Reform Task Team (PRTT), suffered a partial stroke at the Kuje correctional center where he is being detained, his lawyer, Anayo Adibe, has said.

Adibe, who spoke in an interview with We FM, said his client is in a “very bad shape” and needs adequate medical attention.

“I visited him at the prison about a week ago and from the visit, he was not looking fine at all. I was told he had suffered a mild stroke, his blood pressure has been very high and his sugar level has risen astronomically. He is in a very bad shape.”

He said although the resident doctor at the correctional facility has tried to keep Maina’s health under control, the facility is not equipped enough to give him adequate medical attention.

“The resident doctor has written several letters to the authorities asking that he be taken to a better and well equipped medical facility. Those letters have not been responded to,” he said.

“As his lawyers, we have taken a step further. We have written the comptroller-general, informing him of the dire situation our client finds himself presently and that except he is afforded quick medical attention, the story might change very soon because the truth is that we fear for his life,” he added.

His counsel also added that he has filed an application for his client to be granted bail on health grounds which the court has fixed Wednesday, January 20, to hear the application.

Maina, who is currently standing trial after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) prosecuted him on 12 counts bordering on money laundering to the tune of N2 billion, had jumped bail in September.

However, he was re-arrested in the Niger Republic and extradited to Nigeria to continue his trial before Okon Abang, judge of a federal high court in Abuja.


  1. He must vomit what he has swallowed

  2. Maina's death will do Nigeria great good because Characters like him must not be suffered to live. His blood is needed to atone for his outrageous atrocities. In china, he would have been sent to the gallows by now. His lawyers are continuously thinking of various tactics (including frivolous ones) to let him off the hook, after all that's what Maina is paying them for. But who cares about Maina's life ? Numerous pensioners suffered and died due to his greed. Is Maina more important than them ? We must begin to get serious in this country. Nigeria is full of hardened criminals occupying positions of power and authority. They are daily milking the country and thus making ordinary hard working innocent Nigerians to suffer. These criminals realize that the justice system is weak and corrupt, so they use all sorts of tactics to game the system. Why won't Maina pay for his sins.