Friday, January 8, 2021

''Act your age'', Tacha drags Shade Ladipo over Nicki Minaj

Lmao... like Tacha won't grown older. Or like she is the youngest celebrity lol.

So Tacha Akide is giving it back to media personality, Shade Ladipo after mocking her for celebrating her Nicki Minaj win.

The American rapper this week followed Tacha on instagram and Tacha immediately bragged about it, telling others SHE IS NOT THEIR MATE.

Reacting to this, Shade mocked her for being excited over an Instagram following, and advised her fans to chose their fave carefully.

But now, Tacha herself has fired back... and age-shamed her.

“Shade abi spade I thought we thought we dropped this witchcraft behaviour in 2020 cos I don’t get the point of this bitterness outburst really. Why are you pained about my happiness? Mbok please act your age. This is 2021”.