Friday, January 22, 2021

Adele reaches divorce settlement with husband Simon Konecki two years after their separation

Adele has reached a divorce settlement with Simon Konecki almost two years after they announced their separation. 

Us Weekly reports that the singer, 32, and the CEO of charity of Drop4Drop, 46, filed the terms of their divorce settlement with the court on Friday, January 15.

Although Adele and Simon have finished their work to finalize the divorce, the marriage won't officially be ended until the judge signs off on the paperwork. 

The pair announced they were going their separate ways in April 2019, with Adele filing court documents five months later. 

They opted to use mediation to work out the details of how their properties and debts would be split up. 

In April last year, Adele's request to keep the details of her $171 million divorce private was granted by a court in Los Angeles.