Friday, January 22, 2021

Alariwo loses mother... expresses how devastated he is

Nigerian singer, Alariwo has announced the death of his mother and expressed how heartbroken he is.

He stated life won;t be the same without his mother and this has really weighed him down.

Writing about the loss of his mom, the singer wrote;


I was home watching a movie when my younger brother called via wassap

When I opened my phone, I noticed that it was a connect call with all my siblings involved

Before picking, my instinct told me that something was wrong

Hello !!!

Tears from the other side and boom, my brother broke the sad news

All I could say was: It is well

My heart instantly became heavy and I felt weak

Mummy dead?

How come?

I just sat down and short of words

Things will not be the same without you

Everything has become so blank.

I will miss you in every moment as your memories will always occupy my mind.

Why you left me so early, is just surprising but who am I to question our creator.. Death took you away you too very early.

Without you, every single second will become very tough to spend

You took care of us and gave us the attention a mother would give to her children

I will miss you mummy

Rest in peace Mrs Josephine Nmabuese Etumudon MARTINS''