Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Chinese man who killed judge who presided over his divorce is sentenced to death

A man in China has been sentenced to death for killing the judge who presided over his divorce, state media reports.

Wu Dere was ordered to be executed Monday for stabbing to death judge Hao Jian, 56, with a knife he brought to court in Heilongjiang Province.

The father-of-two had allegedly been angry about the outcome of his divorce proceedings.

Hao had ruled that Wu could keep his 160,000-yuan ($24,643) apartment, but would have to 80,000 yuan ($12,321) to his estranged wife.

He would also have to give her the 200,000 yuan ($30,804) that they earned from pig breeding.

Wu appealed the decision to a higher court and then asked Hao for the property certificate, but the judge told him that it would be returned when the appeal was over.

After drinking on Nov. 13, Wu took a knife with him to the court to find Hao.

He then stabbed Hao in the chest before others intervened and restrained him.

Despite attempts to save him, the judge bled to death, according to a report.

Wu was convicted of intentional homicide and ordered to pay 650,000 yuan ($100,115) Monday to the judge’s family.

“He showed contempt for the judicial authority, took another’s life and seriously damaged public security, so we decided to give him capital punishment and ordered him to pay compensation,” the court said.