Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Comedian Woli Arole tells youths to stay away from s.e.x before marriage in 2021

Comedian, Woli Arole has advised the youths to start the new Year with God.

He made the call today on twitter telling them s.e.x before marriage is a sin.

He further went to tell dummies that will argue and say but i used a condom, that s.e.x is s,e.x and a sin is a sin. Actually, s.e.x before marriage is a sin, it's what the bible says.

''Sex before MARRIAGE is a SIN, even if you use CONDOMN it's still a SIN. God has told us to repent of every form of unrighteousness. Start the year with a fresh relationship with Jehovah!!!!'', Arole wrote.