Friday, January 22, 2021

Don't be offended when people you know don't support your business - Kiki Osinbajo

Vice President's daughter and beauty entreprenuer, Kiki Osinbajo has advised people not to take offence when friends don't support their business.

"Don't be offended when people you know don't support your business. The success is sweeter because you converted people who don't know you to people who trust you with their money." she wrote.


  1. I beg to differ.Nobody owes you anything in life including your family and close pals.Most business owners and upcoming entrepreneurs should not always feel and sound entitled.Someone supports your business one off as a first time customer or friend helping out a friend should not make you entitled.
    You are selling a product or rendering a service (come on)do all you can to convince them why they should be a repeat customer(and not a one time customer) or why you product is better than others and/or why your service delivery is great.
    Being called a CEO or a business owner is not just a tittle but hardwork.If you cannot put in the work,then close shop.

    Your family and friends have evey right to patronise whoever they want based on value gotten.Its their money and their choice.

    STOP THE ENTITLEMENT nobody owes you anything in life darling.You owe yourself everything.