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FCMB paternity scandal: Toke Makinwa steps in, wants men to shush on DNA campaign


Media personality, Toke Makinwa wants men crying up and down on twitter over the alleged FCMB paternity scandal to relax and stop the unnecessary cry because MEN CHEAT TOO. According to Toke, the ”fear women” slang which is gradually finding its way into heart of men, should die too because men are the real cheats anyway.

Toke says men are known to have families outside — keeping their mistresses and kids outside of his real family for years until they die and the world didn’t end.

She then went on to share a true life story of how a man impregnated his secretary more than once and made her kids go to the same school with the children from his legal wife.

The wife never knew until he died that the secretary was actually her husband’s mistress and her children that she knew were that of her husband. Her tweets calling off men’s bluff below…

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”I will never encourage cheating but the guys going and on about this DNA matter need to fall back, pls. Men have been having a whole ass family on the side for ages, some women found out after the death of their husbands about love child outside, pls stop shouting Rolling on the floor laughing

”Things happen, people cheat, people lie, nothing new. Again I will never support cheating or deceit but all the “fear women” talk is not necessary at all.

”You are shouting “fear women” yet you cheat on your wife, women too fear men, let’s all fear each other so we can all respect ourselves. 2021 is all about fearing eachother Rolling on the floor laughing

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”#TrueStory a man had kids with his secretary and allowed both his kids with his wife and secretary attend same secondary school, Only the mothers visited, sometimes they arrived together on visiting day. Not until he died did they all find out they are all siblings. #Fearmen

”Imagine the kind of heartbreak the wife felt, losing her husband and having to find out the kids of his secretary that she accommodated were his. Not one but two, how do you mourn this situation? Where do you begin?”

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