Tuesday, January 19, 2021

First Lady Melania Trump releases farewell message [video]

First Lady Melania Trump, in a video, has given a “farewell message” to the United States, two days before the end of the term of President Donald Trump, her husband.

“My fellow Americans, it has been the greatest honour of my life to serve as first lady of the United States,” said Trump in the video released Monday on Twitter, a site from which her husband has been banned indefinitely.

“I have been inspired by incredible Americans across our country,” she said.

Trump thanked military and law enforcement members, but did not directly address the January 6 breach of the US Capitol by rioters spurred on by her husband’s repeated claims that the election had been “stolen”.

The incident left five dead, including a Capitol police officer. Thousands of National Guard have since been deployed to Washington, DC and state capitals around the country amid the threat of further violence surrounding President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Trump had previously said she was “disappointed and disheartened” by the violence, while also decrying “salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks and false and misleading accusations about me”.

In the video released on Monday, Trump urged US citizens to “be passionate in everything you do, and always remember that violence is never the answer and will never be justified”.