Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Lmao... BBN's Venita Akpofure MOCKS celebrities who wants to remain 35 years old forever

Lmaoo... but she is not lying... it's amazing how people we watched on tv while growing up have refused to grow o, lmaooo.

With many Nollywood queens with kids as old as 22 still claiming 41 to 43. Did they all give birth at 18? LMAO... These are people who have granted interviews in the past where they spoke about officially tying the knot and staying in marriages as up to 7 years before going their separate ways.

No, not all of them got pregnant as a teenager. If you had said this back then, they would have fought you and told you they were already graduates before getting pregnant. Today, they don't fight that fight again, because of quick calculations, lol.

Kai but Venita finished them o. And another sad part, even with all the photoshop, and makeup, their skin usually fails them -- wrinkles, sagging.. yes because you can't be 50 and celebrating 40.

Gbagbe, you can;t hide ya age oo, that one will embarrass you, lol.

Venita's post...