Thursday, January 14, 2021

Man arrested at Lagos club cries out from prison as he tests positive for covid-19, but they ''won't let him go''

One of the men arrested at a Lagos cub during a covid-19 raid, brand influencer, Ipadeola Oriyomi has cried out from prison saying he has tested positive for covid-19.

Ipadeola says he was tested while in police custody and his result came back has positive, He alleged that instead of taking him to an isolation center, or letting him go and self isolate, he was returned to the prison cell.

He therefore sent out an SOS via his Instagram page calling for help. He wrote;

"I was arrested at eclipse club in v.i when police of maroko came to arrest us . They took us to maroko police station where we slept over night before they transferred us to oshodi taskforce.. I have been in oshodi taskforce since monday.

"They tested us yesterday for covid 19. Test came out today and it shows am positive.

"Instead of them to take me to isolation center or I should go to do self isolation they returned me back to cell.

"Pls help me tag any authority they should take me to the isolation center or I should go for self isolation, Putting me back to cell when am ont a criminal can affect other people and danger to my health too pls." 


  1. you should have stayed at home fool

  2. What's difference. You were at the club to spread the virus. Useless brand influencer.

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