Friday, January 22, 2021

Nigerians lash out at Nigerian who tried to correct Elon Musk in his $100m donation tweet

Nigerians have blasted a Nigerian who tried to correct the SECOND richest man in the world ELON MUSK. As a matter of fact, he unseated Jeff Bezos earlier this month to become Number one, but Jeff took it back.

Jeff has been occupying this position since 2017.

Elon had written on twitter that he would be donating the sum of $100m towards a prize for best carbon capture technology. He used the word ''Am'' instead of ''I'm'' and a Nigerian decided to correct him.

These angered many Nigerians who called him out saying, a poor man does not talk when a rich man speaks. Some even asked him not to make Elon upset because he might decide to buy his own ENGLISH! Their hilarious reactions below...