Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pretty Mike blasts ''I Just Got Back Girl''... tells them he's not desperate for knacks and won't be linking up

Trololo... the way 2021 has started eh, i don't think there will be a drama free day o, nope, i don;t think one would exit, lmaoo. If a whole Dangote, our richest folk can be dragged, I mean dragged thoroughly, what then are we talking about. Welcome 2021, we are loving you already... lol. 

So Pretty Mike of Lagos has taken to social media to WARN ''Some I Just Got Back [IJGB]'' girls telling them it's not be force to hook up with them. He says as soon as they land, they call his phone wanting a hook up badly, but as the husband material that he is, not every strange pu$$y is meant to be hit -- so he says no.

According to him, this makes them angry and oh well.. you won;t like the words he used on them, lmaoo.. He even told them we have the most BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT girls in the world who reside in Lagos. Ewo oro po, lmaooo... His words after the cut...

''I never knew girls get mad when you don’t link up with dem too 🤣.... These birds will hit you up soon as dey land Lagos saying I’m in ur city, can we link up & when u refuse to link up, Dey get salty and have a serious grudge with u 🤣

''Cmon! I’m not cheap nor random. I don’t do stupid linking, and ur cheap accent don’t move me,especially with ur Corona infested self🙈🧐...I’m a private person; don’t get carried away by my social media antics, I love my space, I’m an introvert; I don’t like humans like that to be meeting or linking with some strangers,all because we have been chatting on iG for months or years....

''You can move to the next P*ssy hungry nigga on the line, some of us do say NO! Some of u really be thinking every guy jumps at p*ssy, I don’t, some of these IJGB babes be thinking u the shit, let me remind u something, Lagos has some of the most beautiful, most intelligent, most Curvy and super attractive ladies in the world 😍🙌🏼

''If you are visiting Lagos den enjoy it, there are a million+ boys trying to link up, you’d find them. Not me! Not interested in linking strangers like that🧐.... I’m not desperate for knacks.

In Lasisi’ voice “Mama don see Golden boy, mama wan snap inside Lambo, Mama wan make u carry am go Cubana 🙈🤣 #LagosZaddy #HusbandMaterial #LagosPlug #CubanaGroup #LeisureCourt #Remymartin''